Wondering what the heck is written below? refer to this post for origins

Lets go point by point:

Mohanlal: He was most loved character in Company. Ask any “Northy” and he’d say that. But leading role in a movie? Nobody likes an old guy with tons of flab. Be it even Rishi Kapoor. Ask around you and find out how many guys really like Salman Khan and his “pink” trousers. With girls is a different matter though.

Madras: FYI Madras was a state in British Raj, and so was Mysore. These words where you hear from are probably coming from a 50 year old person or someone who got his info from some old guy. And they are correct. To them south means big state of Madras.

Freedom Fight: No comments about it. But since you talk about Biharis getting kicked outta Asaam as if its a funny thing. Just the students of Bihar contributed to freedom struggle much more than “four south Indian states with six languages” did. So did they again to bring democracy back in country during emergency.

Language: Small Town? Am talking about Chennai. An auto guy can fix rates in Hindi, knows places and speaks Hindi good enough. Forgets Hindi when i disagree to pay 50rs extra. Its my first hand experience. Most such south Indians who don’t speak Hindi because not because they do not know, but because they do not want to.

Almost every place in North(except M.P.) has two languages, Hindi being one and another local language, which may be very close to Hindi but still another language. And I’m not referring to local dialect here. We do not write “Ishtyle” and “Ishkool”, but we do write “Atal”, which however will have a total different meaning with “Athal”.

And about North Indian’s having to register at police station, It happens in Delhi too. But its not limited to south Indians.